As a full service business marketing agency Marketing-r-us Ltd. (httP://www.marketing-r-us.co.uk) offers a range of effective marketing solutions to its clients, some of the most popular solutions are outlined below:

Telemail - http://www.marketing-r-us.co.uk/telemail.html
Our ingenious solution which combines email marketing and telesales. Based on our in-house database the aim of this marketing tool is simple - target orientated real sales leads with the benefit of increased website traffic and company / product awareness (the average ROI is over 500%).   Here is a step by step run-down which explains how this works:
1. M-R-US filters out 20,000 contacts (data can be filtered by postcode, industry or SIC code and turnover).
2. M-R-US will design an email template to your specification, along with a call script. Once approved, we will submit the   email to the pre-selected database as specified under step1.
3. M-R-US will call 150 individuals who have been identified through monitoring click through and open rates. The results of the phone campaign will be sent to you as a colour coded Excel file (typically between 5 and 20% of positive responses).

Marketing Packages - http://www.marketing-r-us.co.uk/marketingpackages.php
Does your company need ongoing marketing support, but don't want to employ your own marketing personnel? Why not leave your marketing requirements in the very capable hands of Marketing-r-us, as a company who has both dedication and experience in this area? We offer complete marketing packages at competitive prices. You will be allowed to work flexibly in between packages ensuring that projects can be addressed with more priority as and when necessary. The variation in the packages lies in the amount of time dedicated to your account. Under each package you will not only be given a dedicated account manager but you will also have full access to any of our services without extra charge such as design, telesales and data (all for a fixed controllable monthly fee.) Work is carried out on a weekly basis, to allow for a consistant marketing approach on and off-line.

Email Marketing - http://www.marketing-r-us.co.uk/email.html
Although traditional mailing methods have their place, they are slow, expensive and almost impossible to track. Email marketing offers rewarding benefits. Get it right and you'll see ROIs you never dreamed of with traditional direct mail! But how can you choose a reliable partner at a reasonable cost (click here for our prices)?  Email-r-us (http://www.email-r-us.com) offers our clients the option to utilise pre-set easy to update templates without the need of programming knowledge. Couple this with the facility to spam score the content of your mailer (this avoids your email being classed as spam) and automatic switching to a text version should the html version be blocked and you have one of the most powerful email marketing solutions in the UK.

Data Lists - http://www.marketing-r-us.co.uk/data.php
High quality marketing data lists are vital for the success of any direct contact marketing campaign and offer one of the best value for money investment oppotunities for businesses. With a massive choice of almost 750,000 UK B2B contacts (all kept in-house and constantly updated) you can be assured that we can supply you with the most suitable and up-to-date names for your next marketing campaign. All of our contact data complies to latest Privacy & Electronic Communications (EC Directive) and unlike many other providers we operate a global unsubscribe and bounce removal system which updates all data on a 30 day cycle. Our free data counts will help you to identify the amount of suitable contacts available, all of which can be filtered by numerous options such as industry sector (SIC), postcode area and number of employees.

Brochure Design - http://www.marketing-r-us.co.uk/literature.html
The brochure is dead - long live the brochure! Graphic design and print marketing are as much alive today as they have ever been. The internet may offer new and exciting opportunities, but nothing will ever replace the unique power of a well polished sales brochure which you can hold in you hands. Whether a beautifully designed and realised brochure   illustrating the depth and benefits of your services or products, or an innovative line of posters, flyers and business cards that announce your company to the world, sucessful print design has stood the test of time and will continue to be a vital tool in many marketing plans.
From company brochures , annual reports , folders , leaflets , booklets and general
corporate literature we provide not only a full design service but also offer associated services such as copywriting and photography to achieve the best possible result in the highest quality. All artwork produced in the studio is proof read and managed by a dedicated account manager.

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