Main Street Martial Arts (Aikikai Aikido - Eastside, Shotokan Karate-Do - Eastside, Tai Chi - Eastside, Yoga - Eastside, Japanese Swordsmanship (Iaido/Iaijutsu) - Eastside, Go-Do - Eastside, Aikijujustsu - Eastside

Providence, Rhode Island (RI): Main Street Martial Arts is a Family Martial Arts Academy, Black Belt School, and Multi-Disciplinary Mixed Martial Arts & Grappling Academy.  All of our programs are designed to be accessible to beginners, children, families, and individuals of all ages while inspiring and challenging newcomers and seasoned martial artists alike to new levels of strength, flexibility, endurance, superior health, and athletic performance.  We are a non-profit Family Community Center dedicated to peace, health, and safety.  We give a free trial program to anyone who wants to try out our school and scholarships for tuition for the families who need it the most.

We're starting a new program for optimizing your Health & Fitness with Aikikai Aikido for core conditioning, Tai Chi for economy of movement and development of spirit-ki/chi-energy, and Yoga for deep stretching and breathing. If you're looking for a new challenge to strengthen your mind, body, and spirit, try working out with our Aikido, Tai Chi, and Yoga programs to get yourself into optimum condition in our Health & Wellness program. Tell us what your goals are! Start your inspiring journey to Black Belt today for an unforgettable life-time achievement!