EDDSA, LLC is a Managed Information Technology Service Provider. When you hire EDDSA it is like hiring a complete IT department!

For most Small and Medium Sized Businesses (SMB), having a complete IT department is cost prohibitive. Many rely on the “break/fix” model of the past; when the computer breaks, they call a “computer guy” to come and fix it. This model leads to:

Fluctuating costs
Repeated and unexpected downtime
Lost productivity

Even though SMBs have the same IT issues (like system downtime, viruses, spy ware, backup recovery, etc.), the prospect of deploying even one permanent IT employee is out of reach. The growth of SMBs is often slowed by misunderstanding and mishandling their infrastructure. Most small business owners spend time trying to find technology solutions instead of focusing their energies on revenue generating activities.

With EDDSA, our clients are able to hire a “Virtual CIO” and a “Virtual IT Department” that will not only relieve them of day-to-day computer problems but also provide strategic guidance. The technology expertise of EDDSA becomes a competitive advantage for our clients. For a low monthly fee EDDSA will provide:

Computer and Server Support
Virus Protection
Disk Drive Analysis
Security Patch Management
System Auditing
Application Usage
User Policy Enforcement
Unlimited Help desk Support
Unlimited Remote Support
Data Backup and Disaster Recovery
Network Security
Remote Network Monitoring (24/7)
Technology Planning

EDDSA provides our clients with a single source of professional expertise and resources they need to streamline system management and support functions at an affordable price. EDDSA uses advanced processes, tools and methodologies to deliver superior services that match their needs.

With a proactive, preventative approach to IT management, EDDSA helps our clients realize the productivity gains and ROI they have been expecting from their computers all along.

Call Craig Augenstein (caugenstein@eddsa.net) at 803-309-3060 to see how EDDSA can help.