M.Source helps companies grow sales, results and exposure with hands-on, practical marketing and writing strategies and tactics that maximize bang for the buck.  My niche is small, successful companies that know they need marketing help, yet don’t want to commit to a full time staff, and in fact are too busy running their successful business to have time to conceive, evaluate or implement all the great back-burner ideas.

I am a former marketing manager, with the last 18 years at one company that I helped grow from 9 to 27 people.  I have 20 years experience total in B2B industrial and consumer marketing, both traditional and online.  

My previous experience and successes are a huge benefit to my clients, particularly in these tight economic times when differentiation and marketing are so much more valuable.  Here is a sampling of my major accomplishments:

Online:  Achieved unbeatable search engine prominence (multiple page 1 ranks on 500+ terms from single rank on 75+ terms), resulting in 70% increase in online orders

Traditional:  Terminated ad agency and built in-house agency, resulting in identification of over 20 new niche markets

Distributor Development:  Recruited, trained and strengthened distributors, resulting in an increase from 3 to over 2400 distributors in 10 years

Credibility Building:  Secured 7 speakerships in first week for client eager to introduce himself to new community

I often help clients that previously worried about competitors instead of focusing on customers, sold on price instead of selling on value, or hadn’t sufficiently defined their strengths or their niche.  They may have a talented staff already -- running my own successful marketing department with a talented staff I found there still was never enough time to explore and implement all the great ideas.

Some examples of recent work:

*Determine a unique position in the market
*Develop and prioritize marketing strategies
*Pitch and write press releases and articles
*Write or rewrite newsletters, sales letters, brochures
*Develop or re-develop company names, logos, URLs
*Train distributors
*Visit clients and potential clients
*Maximize the value of in-house employees by training and coaching
*Organize, prepare and attend trade shows
*Speak at conferences
*Implement or improve web sites (content and search engine optimization)
*Establish industry expertise
*Create and produce marketing collateral and ads
*Develop new products and services
Why I'm Different?
*I think about what the business owner should do, not just what he could do.
*I’m hands-on and practical – I won’t lecture from an ivory tower on “state of the industry” unless it applies directly to the bottom line.    
*I focus on small, flexible companies for whom it is crucial to justify expenditures of time and money.
*I give clients get the best of both worlds:  the big-picture mindset, experience, dedication and passion of a long-term employee/partner and the low risk and greater flexibility of a freelancer.  I see the forest and the trees… and I see a business as a whole, including how each strategy fits the long-term plan.

It is possible to get professional marketing help without salaries, contracts, risk or commitments.  M.Source works as (or with) a marketing team, on the client’s terms, schedule and budget.

I’m a linear, logical, left-brain thinker, and I’m passionate, reliable and persistent on behalf of both clients and tasks.  I hope this information is helpful, and I’ll look forward to talking further.  People have described me as “the marketing manager for companies that don’t want one.”  I'm a great choice for companies that want more business, more visibility, more results, yet they don’t want a full-time marketer on board.