Marta Stelmaszak is a Polish and English translator and interpreter specialis-ing in online communication. Graduate of London Metropolitan University in Ap-plied Translation and London School of Economics and Political Science in Man-agement, Information Systems and Innovation, she is a member of the Manage-ment Committee of the Interpreting Division at the Chartered Institute of Linguists and a Co-head of the UK Chapter of the International Association of Professional Translators and Interpreters. Marta is also a qualified business mentor, a mem-ber of the Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurs and the Chartered Institute of Marketing. She has recently been selected by IPSE as one of top 15 freelancers in the UK and awarded a Higher Education Social Entrepreneurship Award.

Marta runs the Business School for Translators, an online course and entrepre-neurial blog for translators and interpreters and published a book. Marta is active on Twitter and Facebook, where she shares information related to the business aspects involved in being a transla-tor and interpreter. Marta believes that the future of freelance translation lies in combining the entrepreneurial approach with language skills, and she’s actively promoting this idea within the industry.