The Annual United Nations Pageant's primary intention is to identify and showcase the world's best tourism ambassadors. Those who have the personalities and the talents best suited to promote their respective countries and to foster international friendships and understanding with a cultural harmony.  

The pageant has been named one of the most influential international events to promote healing among nations around the world, bringing together representatives of a wide range of communities and cultures. Over 80 delegates from over 80 countries around the world will be competing for the following titles:  

Ms.United Nations (21yrs Open)
Miss United Nations (19-29yrs)
Mrs.United Nations (21yrs Open)
Miss Teen United Nations (13-19yrs)
Mr. United Nations (19-35yrs)
Mr. Teen United Nations (13-19yrs)
Miss United Nations Ambassador

The hopeful Mr. and Miss United Nations will be judged on: sportswear, fashion wear, evening gown and of course, the interview; which will demonstrate their knowledge on social and current events.

The United Nations Pageants World Finals will be held at Knutsford Court Hotel 16 Chelsea Avenue Kingston,Jamaica  website: www.knutsfordcourt.com  The pageants event will take place from July 12-19,2015 however the Coronation Gala will be on Saturday, July 18,2015 at Courtleigh Auditorium 8 St Lucia Avenue Kingston,Jamaica  from 8:00pm to 10:00pm. For more information and to get your Gala Coronation tickets please

Entry Form:http://www.munp.org/entry-form

Delegates Manual : http://www.munp.org/delegates-information

Ticket Link :http://www.munp.org/world-finals/tickets  


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