Rent a car with driver in Italy with Mutotravel.it Limousine Service Company

The Limousine Service provided by Mutotravel.it is available 24 hours a day for 365 days/year, it’s handy and flexible, the right solution to solve your problems related to city and exurban traffic


(Free-Press-Release.com) May 1, 2009 --
Are you looking for a car with a driver to go to an airport or another destination?.. Need you a high quality limousine service in Italy?.. We can offer you the right way for all the different occasions! The Mutotravel.it's Car Rental

Service with Driver (Limousine Service) come up with many benefits: It’s available everywhere in Italy, no taximeter, but a fixed price, usually lower than ordinary taxi fees, it comes with an uninterrupted service, also 24 hours a day, if requested, no more queue to hire a Taxi, not even in the airport, all our services are provided with luxury cars. Mutotravel.it also provide Pullman GT service, the right solution to arrange any kind of Tours, to reach any destination, and even a Minibus rental service, the perfect solution for small groups tours, from 16 and 54 seats. All services provided by Mutotravel.it are provided with luxury cars, bus and minibus are absolutely comfortable and provided with all kinds of amenities. Mutotravel.it drivers are dependable professionals, equipped with professional certificates, and very often they are multilingual speaking, always well mannered, smart, kind and precise. Mutotravel.it is the result of a cooperation between transfer companies located in all main cities in Italy. Particularly we are located in all Italian cities with an airport a port, in historical and tourist place and generally in any important town. Mutotravel.it provide a perfect service, accurate in any detail, for single persons, groups, clubs, companies, embassies, associations, institutes, establishments, to organize city tours, transfers, events, congresses, long trips etc. Visit us at