Kettlebells exercise will enable you to reach your fitness goals in less time and with more fun than traditional workouts. Learn safe, effective kettlebell exercise in New York City with Lorna Kleidman, two-time world ketttlebell sport champion, American record holder, 3-time Master of Sport, author of Body Scultping with Kettelbells for Women and founder of Kettlebell Academy fitness classes in NYC.

Men will burn fat, create lean muscle and develop strength, power and endurance which will translate to better performance in sports and daily activities through training with kettlebells. Women will also burn fat, shed inches and develop strength and graceful power, balance and energy with our kettlebell fitness classes in NYC. Lorna Kleidman offers specific, personalized kettlebell instruction for all class participants, so whether you workout in Lorna’s exclusive Kettlebell Academy class or through private sessions with Lorna, you’re going to love kettlebell exercise while you achieve the results you desire!

Unlike other fitness classes NYC, Kettlebell Academy will help you redefine what it means to be fit! With Lorna’s unique exercises, you will also enhance your balance, coordination, neuromuscular timing, all through the kettlebell. Women and men alike love these classes! It’s fun and stimulating! Lorna’s Kettlebell Academy and person training sessions are one-of-a-kind exercise in New York City. Sign up for class or contact Lorna now for more information.