Multi Vision Streaming Network


MVSN is a free to download multi-camera live broadcasting platform.
MVSN allows for live performances (singers, DJs, fitness experts, cooking shows or even sporting events) to be steamed using any camera that is RTMP capability, GoPro’s (or similar) or even your trusty smart phone. In fact, the streamer can set up multiple cameras to stream into the MVSN platform all at the same time. The live performance is then steamed to the end consumer while being recorded and stored on the MVSN platform. The "live event" then becomes an “episode" to be replayed by the consumer at any time.
Once signed onto the platform, the viewer can log into the App and purchase live sporting events, shows or performances. Once in an event, they can toggle between any of the cameras streaming within that event. A subscriber can follow any performer or athlete from any of the camera angles available, or simply sit back and watch the produced version.
The multi-camera live broadcast places control of the viewing experience in the viewer’s hands and offers them the sense of being at the event.


✔multi camera live streaming
✔multi casting
✔live production of live events
✔ or control the vision manually (see what you want to see)
✔pay per view
✔earn money for live events
✔subscribe to your favourite channel
✔works over WiFi, 4G/LTE and 3G networks