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About Charles Delmar - There comes a time in everyone’s life when they must either eat out all the time, starve to death, or learn how to cook. For Charles Delmar, this occurred around age thirty five: young enough to resent the fact, old enough to accept it. And so Charlie (as he likes to be called) looked for a book that would teach him how to cook. The only books he could find though, were written in what he calls “Recipeze,” a language he could not understand.

Charlie started keeping his own “Kitchen Diary,” recording what he learned about what he believes any and all cooks need to know about foods and cooking. Being an observant student, he learned from his own mistakes. Being a teacher, he wrote detailed instructions so other cooks could learn from his mistakes instead of their own.  Being a publisher of college textbooks by profession, he self-published the book, even contracting talented artists to create more than 400 illustrations to demonstrate what he had written. As he says, “It was to bring together, in one place, all of the cooking knowledge cooks need that The Essential Cook was written. It was to make that knowledge more accessible - literally at the tap of a finger or turn of a page - that it has been revised into the unique HyperBook format of this new edition.