MYSHCHIF, is an R&B/Rap recording artitst from the northern California BayArea. Born & raised in the same hometown as hiphop/rap legend; Mac Dre (r.i.p) & the chart topping/record breaking group E-40 & The Click. On his 1st. solo/independent album titled; "Spencer For Hire" MYSHCHIF combines r&b melodic tones, catchy hooks, phrases & rap lyrics that lives up to the level of talent & original creativity that Vallejo, Cali's artist's are known for. MYSHCHIF will get all up in yo; Speakers with songs such as; "Speakerz", "...And~Stuff", "Jump Off The Curb", "Doin It Movin" & "Do You Think So"(which is the title of the 2hr.dvd that will be included*Free*)with a limited number of albums. @ iTunes, Nokia, Zune, eMusic, Medianet, Napster, Myspace(music/store) &More!!!

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