Discover MacNair Travel Management/American Express:
Since 1989, MacNair Travel Management an award winning, privately owned American Express Representative Office has helped organizations enhance travel management results. Offering a unique form of Fare Leadership (from the leverage of our partners combined with a commitment to deliver every potential fare source for the best value on every trip), Strategic Leadership (from the industry‚Äôs finest proactive account managers to lead the travel transformation you desire), and Service Leadership (from relationships and dedicated people at every touch point) we guarantee results.  That is why we call ourselves a Travel Leadership Consulting (TLC) Firm and not just a Travel Agency. President and CEO, Michael MacNair is a frequent media spokesperson and author of Smooth Landings- A Guide to Travel Procurement.  For more information on becoming a customer or to attend a MacNair Travel Management webinar or program, visit www.macnairtravel.com and click on Consulting Tools and Seminars & Events or call 703-836-1100.