Saving money is always on the mind of every individual and business owner. With steadily rising fuel costs occupying an ever increasing portion of monthly expenses, we are all looking for a way to make the fuel we use work harder for us. Mach3 Super EcoFuel Saver Heavy Duty (SEFS-HD) does just that.

Even with recent advances in technology the combustion process by nature is imperfect. Many experts suggest that we only use about 25% of the energy of the fuel we put in our vehicles and equipment. The other 75% goes unused which means we are currently throwing away 75 cents from every dollar we spend on fuel in its current form. Mach 3 SEFS-HD is the laboratory and real world proven solution to this dilemma.

Mach 3 SEFS-HD reformulates all hydrocarbon based fuels on a molecular level. It allows engines both new and old to extract more energy fro the same amount of fuel. This allows for improved performance, increased fuel efficiency, dramatically reduced emissions, lower maintenance costs and smoother running engines.

Testing performed in accordance with the stringent SAE J1321 Type Two test at an independent EPA recognized lab showed a 13% increase in fuel economy in gasoline fueled vehicles and a 16% increase in fuel economy for diesel fueled vehicles.

Mach 3 SEF-HD reduces NOx emissions by an astounding 44%. CO emissions by 33% and HC emissions by 7%.  It has also been proven to significantly reduce PM-10 and CO2 emissions. With tighter emissions regulations looming nationwide, SEFS-HD can help to bring fleets in to compliance with a minimum of mechanical disturbance.

Incomplete fuel combustion has always been a barrier to optimal performance in cars and trucks with internal combustion engines. The problem has never been the fuel your engine burns, it is the fuel your engine doesn’t burn. Incomplete combustion is the root cause of fuel inefficiency, carbon deposit formation. Less than optimal performance and excessive emissions. Improving the quality of combustion will increase service life as well as reduce emission and increase performance and mileage.

Mach 3 SEFS-HD reformulates hydrocarbon fuel on a molecular level. It breaks down the clusters of long hydrocarbon chains present in all common fossil fuels into shorter, more easily burned components. Unlike many other products on the market, it does not rely on oxygenates as a combustion enhancer. Oxygenates can help to promote more thorough combustion, but they do so at the expense of increased exhaust gas temperatures, and reduced energy density. The increased EGT’s can lead to long term engine problems as well as increased NOx emissions. The reduced energy density of oxygenated fuels means that more has to be burned to do the same amount of work.

The difference is clear. Mach 3 SEFS-HD simply makes better use of the fuel you use. It improves fuel efficiency, reduces emissions by promoting longer, cooler more uniform and complete combustion.

Whether you operate an on-road fleet, marine fleet, off-highway equipment, railway engines, power generation equipment or just your car or pickup truck fuel costs often represent a substantial portion of your monthly budget. Imagine reducing your fuel costs by 16% or more.

That can easily mean thousands if not millions of dollars straight to your bottom line.

Mach 3 SEFS-HD does even more to save you money. Continued use of SEFS-HD has proven to remove existing carbon deposits on pistons and cylinder heads, and dramatically reduce the formation of new deposits. This can significantly increase major service intervals for all kinds of engines. SEFS-HD also cleans entire fuel systems, helping to maintain engines in peak operating condition and reducing downtime.

According to EPA estimates, over the road vehicles account for 56% of the total amount of pollutants that enter our environment annually. Off-highway vehicles account for an additional 22%. This accounts for over three quarters of all pollutants released in to the air we all breathe every year.

With increasingly stringent emissions regulations making compliance a constant issue, Mach 3 SEFS-HD can help your fleet meet emissions requirements. This can reduce the need for investment in new hardware or maintenance downtime. That means greater productivity and a decrease in capital investment to remain in.

Mach 3 SEFS-HD will help your company do it’s part to preserve the planet  for future generations.