Maclear is a specialist full service enterprise governance, risk and compliance (eGRC) firm with experience in Roadmap design, Solutions Scoping, Design & Implementation, Training & Awareness, Managed Services and Support. We help clients meet their governance, risk and compliance needs to ensure they mitigate their losses, avoid fines and censure, and realize meaningful savings through implementing Maclear's technology.  
Maclear enables businesses to take control of their governance, risk and compliance processes using Maclear eGRC Suite™. Our fully customizable solution facilitates joined up risk management to help drive efficiency, effectiveness and agility across the business.

Maclear eGRC Suite™ is a highly configurable and modular solution that provides transparency and real time holistic view of the enterprise-wide risk posture. A suite of applications built on a highly configurable and extensible software platform delivering the necessary foundation to break down silos.

Using a common data repository, framework and taxonomy, the Maclear eGRC Suite™ enables effective monitoring in the form of dashboards and automated work flows for reporting, assessments and remediation & recovery management. It also provides for operational support through configurable controls monitoring, access automation technologies, tests, and transaction analysis.

In addition to managing compliance and risk initiatives, the solution arms decision makers with tools to fully understand and interpret valuable business data regarding internal assets, interdepartmental operations, status and impact of broad company initiatives, and other key metrics that sustain organizational value and growth.

A low-risk, high-impact approach to GRC automation that allows for a consistent set of information on risks, issues, mitigating actions, and their organizational impact to be analysed and reported in a timely and consistent manner, establishing a baseline for common communications with the board.

All our solutions are underpinned by a wealth of consultancy, training and support expertise to assist our customers. This expertise is designed to complement our client's own resources, enabling them to optimize the suite of Maclear products for their specific needs and maximize the return on their investment.  

Maclear via its Professional Services (MPS) helps clients create a GRC program or strategy. Part of this roadmap consulting engagement is to determine the common key processes across the enterprise and illustrate the value of an enterprise risk management strategy that meets not only the regulatory requirements but also own corporate policy objectives. The resulting strategy is then implemented into Maclear’s eGRC suite to provide visibility on effectiveness of controls and a risk posture at corporate, division or process level.
In addition to GRC Roadmap services MPS customizes, implements and supports the software solution. MPS also provides training & awareness, advisory and managed compliance services.

MPS also actively engages with assignments to implement and support third party (competitor) solutions for clients.

Maclear's Professional Services Practice is dedicated to bringing leading GRC practices to bear substantial savings for our wide range of clients. We thoroughly understand and recognize the uniqueness of every organizational culture. We apply proven GRC principles and strategies in such a way that they will generate tangible and meaningful savings and also be successful over the long-term for our clients.
Maclear is committed to providing strategic eGRC solutions and methodologies to empower our clients with the ability to be self- sustainable and self-enabled to continue to use the industry leading Maclear eGRC Suite™ long into the future.