Madeline is an artist, illustrator, designer and attitude polisher.  She is also a talented singer who has performed all over the globe.

She gets her inspiration from life and layers it onto her work or coaching  just as life does.  She shows whimsy and intriguein her work and wants to bring joy or thought to the beholder.

A mover and shaker, she is taking and making strides in her work and hopes to inspire others while she is doing it with the addition of coaching after years of experience in dealing with the art business and life it self.

"It's a great joy to support and help others while I enjoy my work and what I do.  My mission in life is to leave something good behind giving others a jumping point.  Having faced many challenges in my life, including a grave accident, it's attitude and humor that has brought me through."

Maddy's Girlz(tm) came to being in the summer of 2015 and they have covered quite a bit of ground since then.  They are Madeline's personality traits and possibly yours as well.  Her audience is a woman who is powerful and courageous, soft and intelligent.  Snarky, curvy, sassy and classy sums it up.

WARNING! Engaging with Madeline or her work will make you think or smile.