Capital K9s is a nonprofit organization comprised of area volunteers to assist the Madison Police Department (MPD) in establishing and maintaining a patrol K9 Unit. The organization was formed in 2004 and is operated by a Board of Directors.

Capital K9s exists solely to fund and support the MPD K9 Unit. For many years, the MPD operated without a patrol K9 Unit or any patrol K9 capabilities. While a few K9 teams over the years were assigned to the Dane County Narcotics and Gang Task Force (DCNGTF), budget limitations precluded the development of a dedicated patrol K9 Unit (DCNGTF is funded primarily through asset forfeitures).

Capital K9s was formed by a group of volunteer community members for the purpose of funding a MPD patrol K9 Unit.  Funds raised by Capital K9s are used to pay for vehicles, dogs, training, equipment and other items necessary for the K9
Unit to function effectively. Virtually all of the costs of the K9 Unit (with the exception of officer salaries and vehicle maintenance) are funded by Capital K9s.

Capital K9s raises funds through a variety of strategies - events, community appearances, corporate and business donors, as well as individual donors. Since its inception in 2004, Capital K9s has transferred over $ 155,000 to MPD in support of the K9 Unit.