Magellan Risk Management is a Stuart, FL based consulting firm specializing in data analytics, business growth strategies and risk management programs. Our goal is to analyze your data, define your goals and then assemble the necessary resources for execution and project management. Everything we do is measurable and results oriented to make a positive impact on your business’s bottom line. We work towards identifying and quantifying the risk that is impacting your business, and then developing a strategy to manage it or preferably, get rid of it.

While having the right tools are important, synergy between the individual components or departments of any business is critical to maximizing their effectiveness. Different departments tend to work in silos, often concerned with only what affects their daily routine. Without global harmony and focus, your best efforts in improving your bottom line will continue to miss the mark. At Magellan Risk Management, we recognize the value of focusing on the BIG PICTURE and we help organize your staff, your vendors and their resources into a well managed machine that produces the outcomes they were intended to produce.

Working with small and mid-sized businesses, we have learned how to communicate with your internal technical and leadership teams to achieve results. Our expertise ranges into all areas that are needed by organizations today, to include:

   Performance analytics and reporting (i.e. client interactions, changes in working capital, staff performance, etc.)
   Technical writing of policies and procedures
   IT applications selection & deployment
   Business planning and capital financing
   Risk Management

As small business owners, we understand the challenges of “making it happen” in a global economy and offer the necessary tools to help you not only survive, but prosper.