We are an on demand private jet charter company, which provides private aircraft on a per trip basis. The following elements demonstrate why our service is the best:

* Safety and Security: All of the aircraft in our network are subject to the most stringent requirements of part 135 of the FAA regulations.  We offer only Wyvern Approved, Q Star or ARG/US rated vendors.  This ensures that the aircraft on which our clients travel meet the highest independent standards for operators in private aviation.  Not only will you fly in luxury and convenience, but also with peace of mind.

* Cost Savings: With our service, you will always get the best available pricing.  Being in constant communication with a network, which includes 4,000 jets worldwide allows us to source the best aircraft at the best price on every trip.  Our clients only pay for only for the time flown, without having to take on acquisition cost, maintenance fees, insurance cost, or membership fees. Over its life span, a fractional ownership will normally cost 40%-60% more than our service.  We pass on wholesale pricing, which is unavailable when dealing directly with a charter operator.

* Flexibility: With Magic Jet Charters, our clients are never locked into using a particular type of plane and have access to as many planes as needed.  When one deals directly with a charter company, he or she is limited to the aircraft available in their fleet at the time of the flight.  

* Time: In essence we  become your private aviation department.  It’s as if we work in your back office taking the time to handle your trip from start to finish. We always have your best interest in mind.  You make one call to us, and we do the rest.  We are available to our clients 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.