Fatali’s photographs have been featured in publications through out the world and he is among the world's Top Nature Photographers. Fatali captures the soul through majestic awe-inspiring photographs of the Southwestern landscape and brings nature back into focus for his collectors and patrons world-wide. His remarkable affinity with nature and genius of being able to capture the perfect moment of grace, combined with his master printing ability in the dark room, make his rare images, highly collectable. His photographic canvases have a richness of hues and textures that portray the subject of holy light and reveals magnificent works from the greatest artist - The Creator. 10% Of Profits from the Galleries go toward The National Park Foundation & The American Cancer Society

The foundation is a nonprofit organization devoted to using nature as a tool to heal. Fatali donates images as a source of inspiration for those in end-of-life-care hospices and hospitals. Fatali workshops, lectures and Safaris use photography as an outlet for creative union and support. Fatali, who lost his own Mother to cancer as a young boy, believes that through the Spirit of Nature and Beauty of God's Creations, one can find healing and peace in a world of chaos.