Maha Energy Corporation is the leading expert in portable power solutions and the maker of the Powerex rechargeable batteries and chargers.

Founded in 1993, Maha Energy Corporation is a global leader specializing in the design, manufacturing, and distribution of battery and charging technology for various industrial and consumer sectors.

With state-of-the-art research labs and production facilities in Asia, and sales & marketing offices worldwide, Maha Energy creates a global service network for both standard and custom-designed applications.

Maha Energy supplies not only to the consumer market, but also to major OEM manufacturers under their brands, and has many notable clients including Military & Defense, NASA, Kodak and Rockwell.
Maha means infinity in English. However, the story of Maha Energy was not with a big entrance. Instead, this is a story about a young couple with two little boys, first generation immigrants realizing their American dream. Maha Energy, a minority woman-owned small business with great ambitions to provide better power solutions that gives a better environment for our future generations.

Being one of first to introduce the NiMH battery technology and tailor-made professional-grade chargers, Powerex brand has earned its recognition through years of hard work. The founder, armed with his Electrical Engineering degree, designed the legendary MH-C777 Universal Charger that allowed users to move the charging contacts to charge any of their batteries. Next was the MH-C9000 WizardOne Charger-Analyzer that allowed the user full adjustability for charging and analyzing AAA and AA batteries. Continuing on, the company focused development of professional grade chargers for users that demand the highest performance.  At the same time, the company focused on improving performance of the NiMH batteries that started at 1550mAh in capacity, all the way to 2700mAh today featuring low-self discharge characteristics. Powerex batteries offer some of the highest capacity, best performing, consumer rechargeable batteries in the market today.

26 years later, Maha Energy has stayed true to its values by providing products that outperform the competition and customer service that is second to none.