Mahala is a revolution in mobile payments.

Whether you are paying money to a friend, buying something online, sending money to family back home or paying a merchant in a store, with Mahala and your mobile phone, payments are free, safe, and easy.

How does Mahala work?

Imagine if the entire online purchasing process consisted solely of taking a picture and entering your PIN.

By utilizing the power of our Secure Quick Response (S-QR™) technology, established brands, independent artists, and businesses worldwide now have the power to easily upload original content and distribute via their existing social networks. Not only does this offer great selling opportunity for already established brands, but it also opens up the market to starving artists everywhere by offering an effective means to monetize their most valuable resource–their fans!

How easy is it? (for the seller)

STEP 1: Create S-QR™ (for each product and/or service)
STEP 2: Upload S-QR™ (via our secure web portal)
STEP 3: Share S-QR™ (to social networks, websites, and print)
How easy is it? (for the buyer)

STEP 1: Download the “Mobile Shopper” application (via iTunes or Google Play)
STEP 2: Link your PayPal Account (soon to support credit & debit cards, checking accounts, etc.)
STEP 3: Scan a S-QR™ (to enjoy safe and convenient purchasing from your mobile device)
S-QR’s™ also support offline initiatives as well, so they can be placed on any form of media. Mahala monetizes all forms of media to make the purchasing process simple, safe, and secure.