John Hagelin, Ph.D., president; Fairfield 52557; (641) 472-1110 ; www.mum.edu

Maharishi University of Management combines the best practices of higher education with simple, systematic techniques for developing students’ creative potential from within, thereby fostering personal fulfillment and professional success.

Maharishi University of Management (MUM) offers bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degree programs in the sciences, applied sciences, humanities, arts, and business. The university is a nonsectarian, coeducational institution accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (www.hlcommission.org).

All students and faculty practice the Transcendental Meditation technique — a simple, natural, effortless technique that transforms brain functioning, making it more integrated and coherent. Research shows this helps develop students’ intelligence, creativity, learning ability, moral maturity, field independence, and self-esteem. More than 350 peer-reviewed studies on the Transcendental Meditation technique have been published in medical and scientific journals, validating a wide range of benefits in all areas of life.

MUM is located in SE Iowa in the progressive city of Fairfield, selected in 2013 by Smithsonian Magazine as one of the best small towns to visit in America. Named one of Iowa’s Great Places for its First Friday’s Art Walk, Fairfield also qualifies as one of the nation’s Blue Zones for its health-oriented lifestyle. And the city’s Go Green Initiative makes it one of the state’s leaders in renewable energy.

The campus offers a welcoming international community, with students from almost every state and from over 80 countries each year. More than half the student body is from outside the U.S., representing a wide diversity of cultures, races, and religions worldwide. The university offers a positive, nourishing, and peaceful campus atmosphere. The campus dining hall serves an all-organic, all-vegetarian menu using freshly prepared ingredients, many locally grown in-season.

Students take one course at a time, enabling them to immerse themselves in each subject. Most courses last 3-1/2 weeks, with a three-day break between each course. All subjects are taught in light of a science of consciousness that enables students to integrate everything they have learned and connect it with their own personal growth of consciousness.

Popular undergraduate majors include sustainable living, media and communications, physiology and health (including the pre-med program), business, and Maharishi Vedic Science (the science and technology of consciousness). Popular graduate programs include the MS for Computer Professionals (one of the largest computer master’s program in the country), the MBA for Accounting Professionals, the David Lynch Graduate School of Cinematic Arts, and Maharishi Vedic Science. 

The university is respected for its innovative approach to education, its healthy and harmonious environment, and its high quality of student life. In his 2013 Commencement speech, Iowa Senator Tom Harken said he considers Maharishi University of Management “to be the best holistic approach to education and wellness in life at any university anywhere on the globe.”

Research is also a focus, with the university’s Institute for Natural Medicine and Prevention having received approximately $25 million in research grants, primarily from the National Institutes of Health, to investigate the effects of the Transcendental Meditation program on preventing and treating cardiovascular disease. Altogether, the university has received approximately 100 grants totaling more than $30 million.

University graduates have become executives, doctors, teachers, lawyers, software designers, engineers, university professors and researchers, financial managers, artists, writers, editors, designers, and entrepreneurs. Many graduates also devote their lives to the service of humanity, using the knowledge they have gained to help create a peaceful, affluent, and disease-free world.