Mahir Nisar Attorney at Law represents clients in business matters in Long Island, New York.  Skilled and confident attorneys can make the difference in the outcome of important business issues whether during contract drafting and review, arbitration, or in business litigation. Careful planning and structuring of agreements, mergers and the like can be beneficial for the future of a business endeavor.

The firm provides legal services with the goal of helping business clients generate more profit without incurring large legal fees. Attorney Mahir S. Nisar, admitted to practice in New Jersey and New York, is experienced in the courtroom and is an aggressive opponent to the opposing parties. The firm builds sustainable client relationships based on trust and results for their clients. Collections, litigation, and corporate defense are some of the services offered to businesses in the tri-state area. Clients of the firm receive high quality and personalized professional legal service. You can learn more at http://www.nisarlaw.com.