Miralux Mattress Reviews:

Hand crafted in the United States, Miralux mattresses have been year after year the best reviewed, rated, and voted best vaule mattress and sleep system. 

Actual Customer Miralux Mattress Reviews:

 " Went to a Sleepys store and was shown a Miralux which I had not heard of. Salesperson explained that they had been around for a long time and if there was ever a problem I could go back to Sleepy’s. Anyway bought one called the Rave and it’s been a month and it’s been great and didn’t cost me a arm and a leg." - Lisa Coleman, NJ

"My job requires me doing lots of traveling and not getting enough of the sleep that is needed. Since purchasing my Mirlaux bed at the in December of 2010 nothing  is better than being home and  getting in my own bed for good nights sleep ." -  Sue Jameson, NY