Majestica Global is a new subscription-based, Black-audience video streaming service and the exclusive home of addictive, unforgettable Black drama web series, "Immoral Dilemma". Watch 32 previews now: https://majestica.tv
Majestica offers truly one-of-a-kind content that are particularly relevant to the global Black communities, but equally compelling to open-minded Non-Blacks.

Sourced from extraordinarily-gifted, Black storytellers, Majestica's catalog represents a treasure-trove of salvaged hidden gems that now await discovery and appreciation by the masses.

These voices are not clones of Tyler Perry, Spike Lee, Ava DuVernay or Lee Daniels --nor any combinations thereof. They are stunningly unique and fiercely original -- intellectually-stimulating high entertainment that are erotically provocative without crossing the boundaries of decency.Their themes and dilemmas, and deeply profound life lessons transcend race, culture, politics and religion. But due to unfortunate chains of events and the vicissitudes of life, including bouts of homelessness that have plagued some of the filmmakers, these cultural treasures have remained buried and hidden from public consciousness.

Until now.

Greatly optimized for mobile viewing, these seminal works are now  available for unlimited streaming from anywhere around the globe and at any time, for a subscription membership fee of only $6.99/month. This also includes unlimited access to future content. You may cancel anytime. Given their high-brow dramatizations, including explicit language and partial nudity, Majestica's content carry a parental advisory of TV MA, a close equivalent of the MPAA's 'R' rating.

Throughout the ages, most creative endeavors produce an end result that is either overtly commercial or purely artistic. Majestica's catalog, however, comprises only of exclusive titles that are both commercially viable and cleverly artistic. "You'll laugh, you'll cry and you'll learn something that may be life-altering," said Majestica's Chief Content Officer, Ann Elud,"By virtue of their edginess, originality, and exceptional  educational value, I have no doubts that these titles would generate vigorous debates in higher education settings."

Visit https://majestica.tv now and experience unusual, unbelievable content. What would you do in those incredibly difficult situations? Start a conversation.

Happy viewing!