“Make A Will” is a phrase regularly used by many advertising companies but with all of the bad press following the recent Panorama program on BBC John Beddows of JMD Associated recommends that people who want to make a Will should be checking the following key-points for any company they deal with :-

•     They are members of a Recognised Professional Association such as The Society Of Will Writers. (Always ask to see evidence of this)

•     The Company carries “Professional Indemnity Insurance” so that Executors of an estate are able to claim for any mistakes made by the Company at the time of writing the Will.( Again, ask to see a copy of the Certificate of cover)

•     The representatives taking your Will instructions have sufficient experience and training to offer a fully professional and competent service. (Ask them to detail their background and experience)

John says “ too often Clients are advised by people with a minimal amount of training, and who have nno understanding of the implications of such areas as Inheritance Tax and Trusts. At JMD we ensure all of our associates are fully trained and have the experience to advise Clients in all of these key areas”

JMD have fully experienced associates throughout the U.K, who are all members of The Society Of Will Writers , and as a Company we carry over £2.5m of Professional Indemnity Insurance cover.

We have been established for over 10 years and have a long and satisfactory history of providing quality and expert advice to our Clients throughout the U.K

If you would like to talk to one of our qualified advisers call freephone 0800 583 1415  quoting reference -   “John Beddows”.