My name is Shawn Vibert. I am an Online Coach. My mission purpose, passion and goal are one, to help people and businesses to have success online.

Social media sites set up right  get a mass amount of traffic and sales. Social media works extremely well if set up right and active.

Just ask anyone who has one set up right and active, they will tell that there social media pages, especially Facebook, is where they get a load of their business.

It’s a fact that companies using social media, as a part there business, are extremely happy with the results and is their main area of focus for sales.

The ones that are not using social media, or do not have it set up right, are missing out on a load of business.

If you do not have one, you need to. If you don’t think you do? It’s because you don’t know any better.

Nothing is more profitable then have correctly set up, and run, social media page. People buy from people, and trust other people’s reviews when they give the thumbs up to products and services.

You must take this seriously. You need to focus your attention to what’s going on, especially with Facebook.

There are over 1,000 000 000+ users now on Facebook. More people are searching within Facebook than Google because that’s where people are. People want to check you out to see who you are and what you are about.

Facebook has just gone into the search market big-time.

Check out the new search box they added just this last month. In June 2013 Facebook changed their search box. Why? Most people now just search within Facebook.
People are not even leaving Facebook to search elsewhere anymore. Google is seeing a huge drop in the use of their search engine because of Facebook.

Think about it. Facebook is the #1 site online, period, both in time spent and traffic!

People are 3 times more likely to buy within Facebook.

If you have an active page with Facebook that is set up and optimized correctly, you will receive a mass amount traffic ultimately for free.

Why do you think you hear on the radio and on TV go to our Facebook page and not there regular webpage.

The most successful companies in the world use Facebook as there #1 focus for promotion. Why? It works!

You,re likely one of these 3 people???

A)  You want to get online and connected with Social Media sites for your business but do not know how, or what, to do. You wish someone could help you one on one via Skype Screen Share or at Your Business, to set up, design and train you how to do it right.

B)  You want to get online and connected with Social Media sites for your business but do not know how, or what, to do and wish someone could set up, design for you and let you know how to run the page right after.

C)  You want to get online and connected with Social Media sites for your business but do not know how or, what, to do. You wish someone could make a video showing you how to set up, design and tell how to run it successfully?

Key Areas for Online Success:
#1. Keyword Blueprint ( Pick the wrong keyword and you’re screwed)
#2. Facebook Blueprint (#1 Site and Social Media Site a must for business)
#3. Gmail/Email Blueprint (Set this up wrong & you won’t rank as high)
#4 YouTube Blueprint (#2 Social Media Site  and Search Engine People Love Video)
#5. Google Places Blueprint (#1 for Local Businesses- Fast Free Results if set up right)
#6 Twitter Blueprint (Helps for Rankings & Gets your Message out mass authority)
#7 Pinterest Blueprint (The Fastest Growing Site on the Internet, People Love Images!)

If you’re not connected, you,re losing business, period.

Likely, the only reason you’re not connected now or having success, Is lack of knowledge.

There is a science to the internet. You will get results and if you’re not, you did it wrong or are doing it wrong.

The three biggest mistake people make are:

#1. Giving up or not trying, out of fear.
#2. Designing and setting up your page wrong and not active.
#3. Not researching first and picking the right keywords.

·       Most people pick there company name, this is a huge mistake!

·       People are not looking for your company. They are looking for the products, services and the solutions to problems that you offer.
It is extremely important that you understand the science, otherwise all that you do online will be a complete waste of time and money.

A) You have a Facebook page and are extremely happy you do;

B) You have a Facebook page not set up right and are unhappy with the results; or

C) You do not have a Facebook page and do not know the difference?

I can help, Facebook has a new direction, and it doesn't need a budget for advertising... Save a Ton of Money and Make More Sales! In fact, I cut my advertising account off completely earlier this year. The results absolutely blew me away.

Attract fans. Turn fans into customers. That's what it is all about.