After almost 3 years of research and development, Makemynewspaper.com, Inc announces the official launch of their website offering short-run newspapers to the general public throughout North America.  At present, the company has acquired orders and accounts from across the country, Canada, the Bahamas and Porte Rico.

With large newspaper companies struggling and continually shutting down, Makemynewspaper.com launches their product internationally as an answer for the deteriorating newsprint industry. The online corporation points directly at their existing exponential growth as evidence. “Newsprint is the most inexpensive printed media in the world,” CEO Patrick Carson explains, “but short-runs fall outside the current model.  Our company realized, through our research and programming, how to offer small format newsprint in an identical way that the large newspapers have benefited from for decades – extremely low cost per copy.  With short-runs available affordably, the public responded to our test marketing the moment it was presented.”

The company also talks about the differences between the failing newspaper and why short-runs have such massive appeal. “The ‘niche’ newspaper, different then the big daily newspaper, is actually thriving in our society by taking their cue from magazines,” says Mr. Carson, “Consumers want to read hard-copy that expressly brings news, tips, articles and information about specific topics, inherently spawning leisurely reading from an easy chair which a smart-phone or laptop doesn’t embrace. The ‘short-run’ newspaper opens up this kind of thinking for virtually everyone.”

President David Biggs agrees, referring to the diversity of their orders. “We just had an order from a Canadian customer printing his own comic book.  We’ve had orders from myriad churches, the Better Business Bureau, charities, political campaigns, shoe chains, fixture stores, thrift stores and hair salons, annual reports, mortgage companies, bilingual companies and even websites (chuckling at the irony of web-companies converting to print). There’s no end to what you can do with newsprint now that it’s available in this form.”  Mr. Carson presses further,  “Hard-copy newsletters are suddenly finding their way back into circulation--as e-newsletters were found to be easy to delete, bypassed or lost in spam—but the printed newspaper layout and design is not only cheaper and larger than a newsletter or flyer, the format also allows credibility, professionalism, and the opportunity to sell advertising to recoup costs and achieve a profit--something that is very hard to do with any other type of printed media save for newsprint.”  

Makemynewspaper.com spent years developing unique programming and tools that include a free online publishing program (design and save without cluttering your computer or having to buy expensive software), free templates, free content, inexpensive national syndications, stands, direct mail and a variety of other services including personal customer service.

“Churches, non-profits and charities are especially benefiting from this as a fundraising method,” Mr. Carson points out and then emphasizes, “Makemynewspaper.com produces fully printed, folded and shipped newspapers at only pennies per paper.  If you sell a few advertisements, it costs you nothing.  Sell a few more, and you can actually make a profit while promoting your own interests.  Either way, it’s the cheapest form of print and how and why newsprint was used when it was invented over a hundred and fifty years ago.  It was a social product for the people, not the corporations.  All we’re doing is putting it back into the hands of the individual and the neighborhood they reside in.  Newspapers can truly be about the community again and become a voice for the people, businesses and organizations that live there.”

Makemynewspaper.com is available online twenty-four hours a day.