We are committed to offering convenient social platform and community at the same time that will help our users to create, find resources and promote themselves.

Only a few years ago we have set out on a mission to connect the plus fashion industry internationally. We have started it off with plus size fashion shows in Toronto and Paris that have won the hearts of our supporters and made a noticeable impact on the fashion community.

It is during this wonderful journey we have met a lot of inspiring and talented people: designers, models, store owners, bloggers, journalists, stylists, makeup artists, media personalities, photographers and videographers who have landed their support and gave us motivation to continue.

Today we are taking it one step further and are happy to announce the creation of Malia Indigo international social media platform dedicated to fashion and focused on bringing the fashion community together locally and internationally.

What was a modeling name of a successful plus size model Malia Indigo has become an international fashion networking platform open to anyone who shares the passion for fashion.

In this new vision of community with fashion at its heart we welcome fashion in all its forms and directions: formal, bespoke, ethnic, eco, plus, petite, wearable tech. We welcome both seasoned professionals and students. We welcome mentors and those looking for answers. We welcome craftspeople and artisans. We welcome bloggers, influencers, social media and fashion critics. We believe that fashion truly has the power to embrace all.

Within our platform you can share your story, show off your portfolio, find like-minded people, create, collaborate, post castings for models and other crew members for creative projects. You will be able to reach across continents, inspire and get inspired.