Man El.Service Srl is a company with over 35 years of activity in the electricity sector. We are synonymous with reliability and experience. We guarantee the highest quality and professionalism in the world of generators where we deal with sales, rentals, maintenance and assistance of all kinds.

Our goal is to guarantee the customer professionalism and quality through a solid but flexible commercial structure able to satisfy every need. We work only with experienced technicians and reliable partners who can handle every request.

We offer a wide range of quality products and we rely only on selected suppliers that meet the most rigorous market standards. Here you will find only the best tools available. We also support companies with professional and ongoing assistance.

We operate at 360 degrees in the energy world, both in Italy and in the world. We collaborate profitably with everyone: from the large company to the small merchant, offering professionalism, quality and continuous advice aimed at defining the needs of each interlocutor.

Manel Service's core business is based on the sale, rental and maintenance of generating sets. Our thirty-year experience in the field has allowed us to focus on the organization and management of customer needs, focusing on prevention and assistance, able to meet every need.