Mangar USA is located in Plano, TX (near Dallas).  We are a subsidiary of Mangar International of Wales, UK.

We are the manufacturers of the Archimedes bath lift, the most popular bath lift in the North America.  We stock the Archimedes and all parts.  If there is a warranty issue or you just need some help, please call us at 800-901-5269.

We also manufacture the CAMEL, complete air moving elevating lift.  The CAMEL is designed to pick some up that has fallen, sit them up, and bring them up to height that they can stand or transfer to a chair.  It is in use in Assisted Living Centers, nursing homes, hospitals, ambulance services, and private homes through out the US.  It is powered by the Airflo battery operated air compressor, so it can be used indoors or out. The use of the CAMEL has been proven reduced back injuries to workers in healthcare facilities and to reduce the number of calls to 911 for lift assist.

We also manufacture the Bathing Cushion, the only inflatable bath lift in the US.  The Bathing Cushion is the only bath lift that allows the use of the entire length and depth of a bath tub.

The Lifting Cushion is operated by the Airflo compressor and is designed to assist some one from a sitting position (in a chair or wheelchair) into a standing position.

In addition, we are the exclusive distributors of Helping Hand products in the US.  Helping Hand manufactures the finest reachers, long handled bath sponges, and dressing aids on the market.

Please call us with any questions you may have about Mangar products.