After over a decade in the digital media and marketing industry we realized that with all of the advancements in the advertising world, ad placements were still being bought, sold and negotiated like print or broadcast. We realized there had to be another way.

​Manicz Media and our team of digital media experts have designed a system where advertisers, business owners and agencies can coordinate their online ad campaigns without having to deal with pushy sales people or the hassle of building out a campaign "self-serve". We've made placing a digital advertising campaign in market just as easy as buying a a consumer product online!

​Not only is the setup easy but our team of strategists will ensure everything is setup properly and designed to fit your goals and marketing initiatives. Full turn-key advertising campaigns designed to achieve results and drive a positive return on ad spend.

​Manicz Media is an Atlanta Georgia, USA based LLC. We utilize no subcontractors or outsourcing. Our media campaigns are run in-house by our team of digital strategists and advertising experts.