Manifest Destiny breathes new life and innovation into the world of candles. Manifest Destiny is a unique candle and card line which features vintage images and virtual fables.  The line is conceptually and sensually sophisticated. Each candle releases a complex alchemy of scent that represents a moment in time for the character featured in the candle. Each character is immersed in a story, triggering profound connections between these mysterious characters.

Manifest Destiny provokes both the masculine and feminine sensibilities in what was largely a feminine market. While the line’s name, Manifest Destiny, can be seen in a more apparent way of manifesting one’s destiny, at the root of Manifest Destiny is a more prolific, almost immigrant viewpoint of the American Dream, referring to expansion into unknown territories, conjuring up visions of pioneers, reinventing their lives and the lives of those around them. 

Wanting to create artifacts that would evoke memories, both personal and collective, Meike Kopp, creator of the line, pioneered a new kind of candle that was no longer just a feminine bath time accoutrement but a multifaceted human experience. Kopp gathered antique photographs that provided her with a Rorschach of imagery with which to fantasize a life and a history, thus creating the fables that have become a part of the Manifest Destiny line.

Wanting to create a product that’s not mundane and disposable, each candle not only has a life, virtually, via its fables, and an 80 hour burn time, but the lives of the characters from each candle intersect and will evolve in the coming series of candles, creating a web of intrigue.

Kopp has created the Manifest Destiny Line as a way of offering unique items that provide a sensual blending of the past and present, bearing in mind Einstein’s theory that past, present and future is only an illusion, although a convincing one.

Manifest Destiny includes the card line entitled Oracles of Destiny, each card offering an unusual image with a fortune, i.e. "You Are Very Special. However Those You Love Have Conspired to Hide It From You!"