Here I would like to discuss about my own venture "The Art Fraternity".


In my opinion, “Art is divine”, cannot be characterized and we could go about it in different ways.
Art is frequently viewed as the procedure or result of intentionally organizing components in a manner that speaks to the senses or feelings. It envelops a differing scope of human exercises, manifestations and methods for expression, including music, literature, film, sculpture, paintings etc.
It is a part of society, reflecting financial and social layers in its configuration. It transmits thoughts and qualities inherent in each society crosswise over space and time. Its part changes through time, gaining a greater amount of a stylish segment here and a socio-instructive capacity there.
While brainstorming one day i came across the idea of a platform where people who love Art and those who create Art, come meet and share opinions over a common ground of interest. This lead to creation of the Art Fraternity, which initiated as a social media venture, as a secret group on Facebook to be more precise.
Through the Art Fraternity, I look forward to capitalize the New Media Revolution in the most optimum way possible for artists and preservation of depleting Art forms too. To start off, our services would be in the field of Events, Artist Management, Artistic Interior Design and Educational Worshops. In the coming future, we plan to set up our own media and production venture also.
As an Entrepreneur, Marketer and Philanthropist, I would endeavour to make our associates and members reach the pinnacle of fame and success, not only in India but globally. Also I would make sure that we continue to recieve the love of our supporters forever by providing them with a wonderful experience through all our ventures and services.

Manjeet Shergill,
Founder at The Art Fraternity