Maple Creek Media, a division of Old Publishing, LLC, is a rapidly growing online publisher of books, eBooks, and periodicals. Maple Creek Media focuses primarily on self-publishing and providing custom designed promotional material for authors and businesses.

In January of 2010 Old Line Publishing, which had already been providing progressive publishing services since 2006, recognized a need to provide high quality self-publishing services to authors and businesses. As a result, Maple Creek Media was created to focus on creating, marketing, distributing and retailing high quality books and periodicals and professional services such as manuscript review and editorial services.

Maple Creek Media produces high quality publications and offers competitive self-publishing services to both new and established authors while incorporating digital print-on-demand technology for all their titles. Maple Creek Media, along with Old Line Publishing works one-on-one with every individual to provide each author or business with a top quality print book, eBook, website or other publishable material.