Mara House has earned a reputation as the most unique place for travellers to stay in Luxor, Egypt.  Since 2007 Mara and her House have enjoyed a continuously high rating on the Tripadvisor online site powered by the opinions of worldwide travellers.

Residents have raved about the style of furnishings, attention to detail and quality of service.  In a country unfortunately known for it's "tourist hassle" Mara House provides a haven of tranquility, a place of retreat where it is possible to relax after a day's sightseeing, not to mention the unique advice given on how to cope with the street hawkers etc on the tourist side of town.

Also provided, but not pushed are professionally guided tours to all the major sites of Luxor, including those little spoken of by tour or travel agents.  Mara is on hand as much as possible to give personal advice, relate local anecdotes and indulge visitor's appetite for stories about Egypt which are definitely not to be heard elsewhere!

Mara House is in an Egyptian residential area which some people in the past have mistaken for being a poor area.  On the contrary this is the area where most of the craftsmen and tradesmen live and work.  This is where you can see the butcher, the open bakery, the carpenters, painters and metalworkers tending to their trade on the sidewalk outside their shops  In fact this is where you will see what is probably one of the last remaining places in the world where gypsum cornice and decorative pieces are handcrafted.

Day after day hundreds of tourists drive through the area in calesh (horse and carriage) and without the benefit of the information given to guests of Mara House they go away with very mistaken ideas about this side of Luxor and the daily lives of it's residents.  Children playing in the street without shoes appear to them poverty stricken - but if they looked closer they would see how happy these children are - shoes are worn when dressed up and going into town or visiting friends outside - not comfortable in hot climate!  Everything is not always as it seems when you visit a different culture so spending a few days at Mara House can be a culturally enlightening experience if you ask the right questions.

Mara House - definitely not your ordinary, run-of-the-mill place to lay your head!