The team at Marjau Systems has more than 15 years of software engineering
experience to include web/mobile development, data management, data
synchronization, testing and integration using innovative methodologies.
This includes Commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) web based software, SOA,
relational database management systems, and application development

Marjau Systems has specific expertise developing Electronic Health Records,
Point of Care, Decisions Support, and Data Collection systems, including
mobile data synchronization and rules based analysis for event processing
and notifications. Our solutions routinely comply with regulatory
requirements including CMS, HIPPA and Federal regulations.

Our exclusive framework for synchronizing mobile data was created to
eliminate a common problem. Unlike other applications the Marjau Mobile
Sync Application Development Framework provides a scalable platform for
synchronizing application data. This system enables mobile applications to
sync data with backend systems maintaining relationships within the data,
all the while leveraging the speed and scalability of J2EE n-tier
technology and open standards.

Our team has the knowledge to apply business logic to software development
and ensure exceptional data integrity and security. Although our
methodology of choice is Agile we have the experience to adapt to the
requirements of each customer.