A book of true animal rescue stories from shelters and sanctuaries that increases awareness and inspires laughter and tears.

Two years ago, inspired by my dad’s animal rescue ranch, which he started in Montana when he retired as editor of Mad Magazine, I began to gather true animal rescue stories from no-kill, non-profit shelters across the country. After hundreds of interviews and writing 311 pages, Last Stop Before Rainbow Bridge was born.

My goal is that this book will increase public awareness of animal abuse and motivate volunteerism, donations, fostering and pet adoptions by subtly educating through entertaining real-life stories. Unless you are part of the world of rescue, you have no idea the extent of this epidemic problem.

In addition, 10% of all sales will be donated to no-kill rescues.

Some of the captivating, inspiring and, sometimes, infuriating stories found in the book:

Two puppies, separated at birth, were miraculously reunited years later at a shelter and instantly bonded.50,000 abandoned caged chickens were left to die triggering the largest animal rescue of California. A cat called Meshach was set on fire by teenagers and, unlike his biblical namesake, did burn. A goat who thinks he is a llama. An autistic boy, while working with a rescued horse, improved his communication to where he was no longer considered autistic.
Don't be surprised if, after reading, you find yourself volunteering at your nearest animal shelter. Each heroic tale was carefully written to bring the rescue to life.

Do you know?

Why are black-furred animals the last to be rescued and first to be euthanized?
Why do some rabbits die from heart attacks just by being picked up by their owners?
Why are animals sometimes the best teachers?

Last Stop Before Rainbow Bridge answers these and other mysteries in the fascinating world of animal rescue.