This office primarily handles First Party Insurance disputes all over the State of Texas. Types of insurance policies include all types of life insurance (whole life, term life, credit life, accidental death) home owner policies, commercial policies, disability policies, auto policies, etc. Also we handle claims made under Employee Retirement Income Disability Act (ERISA).
Life Insurance claims revolve around claims being denied due to misrepresentation in the policy application, payment / premium issues, cause of death, policy exclusions, fights over who is entitled to policy proceeds, etc.
Disability claims revolve around misrepresentation in policy applications, payment / premium disputes, questions about coverage, limitations in coverage, etc.
Homeowners claims revolve around fires / claims of arson, floods, hail damage and the reasons for denial include payment issues, exclusions, limitations, claims of arson, etc.
Auto claims revolve around missed payment issues primarily, also excluded drivers, etc.
ERISA claims - a whole new ball game and we have to talk about these.