Mark Twain Performs brings the immortal character created by Samuel Clemens to live appearances for groups, clubs, schools and audiences of all ages and types.

The portrayal by voice and stage actor, Rod Rawlings, whose appearance and manner are astonishingly like Twain's, shows why the author, speaker and humorist was "the most conspicuous person on the planet" by his own account. Mark Twain was "the Lincoln of our literature," the most sought-after speaker of his century, and above all, timelessly witty and funny, especially when commenting on the nature of the human race. Many of his works have aged well and become classics. They continue to be read, studied, quoted, performed and enjoyed as influential to Western culture.

Today, there is still a great interest in Twain and a strong affection for his singular character. One hundred years after Clemens' death in 1910, the newly-published 736-page Autobiography of Mark Twain became a best-seller.

Long ago his friend, Thomas Edison, said, "The average American loves his family, and if there is any love left over, it is generally saved for Mark Twain."

True then and true now.