At Mark Alyn Communications I have TWO GOALS:

1. Helping companies create compelling video stories that sell products and services!
2. Providing high-end video production at a reasonable cost
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Feel free to contact me if you are looking to:
✔ Explore using video as a marketing tool
✔ Develop training and information videos for the web
✔ Understand how video can explode your marketing
✔ Work with someone with a commitment to supporting you on your way to the top
✔ Work with someone who maintains a positive attitude
✔ Work with someone who succeeds every day
✔ Someone who takes pride in their profession - we change people's lives
✔ A culture based on professionalism, realism, honesty and integrity
✔ Continuously learning and willing to share with others

I am interested in talking with you if you:

•     Have questions about what video can do for you
•     Looking for advice on using video as a marketing tool
•     Want to brainstorm on ways to help each other

Are looking to hire someone as part of your marketing team

Mark Alyn Communications is recognized as a specialist in the art of creative video production, with an eye to your bottom line.  We have helped companies sell products and services exceeding a billion dollars in revenue. Let us help you.

I am available and at your service!

Creative video production solutions without ego or problems!