Market Opportunities Unlimited is a Jamaican-based Strategic Marketing Consultancy Firm that specializes in generating SUPERNORMAL PROFITS for businesses in the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and Services industries.

We also innovate product/service solutions that have the potential of generating multi-million dollar revenues and profits for our clients.

We were established in May 2005.

Our aim is to help you to find and create new revenue sources that will propel you into Market Leadership.

1. Internet Marketing

a. Internet Marketing Plans

We have over six (6) years' Internet Marketing experience.

We know which Internet Marketing strategies and tactics work online and which don't!

We develop your Internet Marketing Plan with this in mind, so that you'll target the right online customers  with the right products and service solutions that will maximize your profits!

b. Blog Development and Blog Content Writing

Want to maintain contact with your customers, whilst getting timely feedback re the performance of your products and services, in order to improve upon same?

Thinking of introducing a new product/service to your target market, but want to do a test to see if it's the initial demand will be sufficient to justify further development?

...Why not start a blog?

We develop your blog, write its contents and help you gauge:

i. Feedback re the performance of your product/service solutions

ii. Uptake of new product/service solutions.

We will even maintain it for you at a minimal monthly cost.

c. Article Writing

Do you feel that your website articles aren't effective at gaining loyal online visitors to your website?

...Do they need rewriting?...we do that too!

Our articles position your company, products and services in a positive light, so that they not only attract new visitors to your site, they keep your current visitors interested in returning to your site for more information!

d. Social Media Marketing

We help you use social media like Twitter, Facebook, Digg to:

i. Build awareness of your product/service solutions among relevant social media customers

ii. Build and maintain strong relationships with these customers.

3. International Marketing Planning
Launching your products and services internationally, can be tedious and exorbitantly expensive, without the proper planning and help.

We guide you through this process, whilst reducing your costs and risks.

4. (E) Business Planning and Development
Every successful business has a plan that ensures that it can weather the worst shocks that the market and/or Mother Nature throws at it.

Is your Business Plan working for you?... Do you even have one?

Well, our Business Plans not only ensure the continued growth and financial sustainability of your business, they get the attention of financiers whom you may need to provide debt/equity financing for your business.

5. Technology Entrepreneurship and Marketing Training
Are you thinking of becoming a Technology Entrepreneur or are new to Technology Entrepreneurship?

Want to learn how to enact those cutting-edge marketing strategies needed to make your business grow?

...You've come to the right place! We have all the training you will need to start and run your business successfully and to keep pumping out those innovative new products and services that distinguish you from your competition!

Please contact our CEO, Gillian Campbell, at 876-944-0311 or 876-324-4179(C) to arrange for training.

6. Marketing and Business Plan Help
Are you thinking of writing your own Marketing or Business Plan, but need Additional Help?

Please contact our CEO, Gillian Campbell, at 876-944-0311 or 876-324-4179(C)  and arrange for a meeting to discuss your Marketing or Business Plan.

She is available on Mon-Fri. 9:30 - 4:30 p.m. Jamaica Time (-5 GMT), for these Special Consultations.