Marketing Network Associates
All Companies need access to a specialist in Business Development, skilled in Sales and Marketing and Network Marketing Strategies, but perhaps not all the time! Occasionally there is a requirement for someone to multi-task, and take over the Marketing Responsibilities within the organization for a short period of time; Introduce a New Product Line, Open a New Territory, or take care of all the activities for a Trade Show or Specialized Marketing Event.

Experienced Business Owners know they would like to talk to a professional equal qualified in Business Development to act as a sounding board, make Constructive Suggestions, tweak their Marketing Strategies, or help Prepare Presentations. Entrepreneurs know what they know very well, however, they need assistance in communicating the benefits of their services. It's a different skill set.

Experienced In Helping
Small and Medium Size Business
Skilled Professional experienced in Strategic Business Development, identifies and understands the Company, the Products, and the Market, and assists you in developing the Tools to Grow the Business, and Profitable Relationships with Clients. Whether you are a larger business wishing for assistance in Business to Business Marketing Research, or a smaller business wishing for Small Business Research, assistance is available.
Skilled in Evaluating Market Situation and Recognizing Opportunity to Bring your Business to Market.
Professionals on Your Own
Corporate Environments support the Professional and so do we when you start your own Business! We can help you with Home Based Business Marketing.
New Product Line, New Territory
On a Project Basis, Skilled Professional Experienced in Strategic Market Development Creates Structure, Marketing Strategy, and Processes to Grow your Business, whether it is Business to Business Marketing or Business to Consumer Marketing.
Ready for the Next Step or Stalled
Zero Based Marketing Techniques analyze your advantages and position your business to work with your existing successes. Develop new Opportunities to Create Actionable Steps for Immediate Results in Business Growth.
Trade Shows
Trade Shows are a natural place to easily maintain and grow your Business Marketing Network. Manages the Trades Show Process from Sign up to Profitable Follow-up so you look like you do this all the time! Participate without the Pain, and No Disruption to your regular staffing and day to day business activities.
Independent Sales Representatives and Agents
First Impressions Count! Selling yourself is so important and so difficult if you are just starting out on your own. One on One, we help you understand how to create your first Marketing Letter and any other correspondence and Marketing Material you need for a valuable marketing strategy. You acquire valuable sales and marketing insight and discover how to say the right things.