Marketmaker Software is the technology and Intellectual Property licensing company behind sports bet trading start-up Oddsfutures.com. Oddsfutures was an online bet trading exchange. It was formed in 2007 with the filing of our technology IP and closed its site in 2013 due to competitive factors in the marketplace.

Oddsfutures offered a patented interface & methodology for several innovations; offered in order to avoid exposure to the outcome of a sports event. Punters could divest themselves of existing sports bets by clicking a get me out button which did the math and re-priced in real-time to 'Cash Out' their bet.

Marketmaker's granted US patents cover betting market innovations like 'cash out your bet' and also additional methods for creating and offering an 'exchange starting price'. The patent series solves the problem of a lack of inventory when the digital marketplace is betting one way.