Always conscious of your investment, Marler Haley has the expertise to help you create the best solution for your portable display requirements. Not only are we a modern progressive company we are built on history...

During 1946 in a very austere, war torn Britain, Sid Marler and Jim Haley formed a partnership known as Marler Haley Displays. From humble beginnings, Marler Haley has developed and expanded into a world supplier of portable display and exhibition systems.

In 1952 Marler Haley produced the first modular display system. In 1960 an enquiry from Vauxhall Motors revealed a need for vertical surfaces to support graphics and Multiscreen was created. Nearly 50 years on it is still a very popular portable display system.

The company became aware of the universal need for simple systems which could be constructed and dismantled easily. A period of growth and development saw the introduction of new products setting the pace for for Marler Haley's success in the portable display market.

Marler Haley and the Environment
For the last 60 years, Marler Haley’s products have provided sound and sustainable display solutions. Right from the beginning our products have been engineered to be used again and again. Testament to the longevity of our products is the high quantity of Marler Haley equipment still in daily use after 25 years or more.

Even at the end of a long and useful life our products continue to be environmentally sound as they are manufactured using 80% recyclable material.

A Culture of Environmental Awareness and Best Practice
We believe that our continued success is due to our great people and our strong culture. We value the ethical and long-term perspective. This perspective includes the desire to make Environmental considerations central to the way Marler Haley does business in the 21st century.

Marler Haley has been awarded a formal certification under this internationally recognised environmental standard. Recognised in 130 countries, ISO14001 is rapidly becoming the internationally accepted Environmental Standard. ISO14001 is an environmental management system designed to rigorously drive improvement in an organisations environmental impact.

Marler Haley operates a recycle program for all paper, cardboard, and aluminium so that the unavoidable waste from both administration and production are recycled.

Harmful Compounds
Marler Haley's leading edge graphic production facility has always avoided the use of solvent based printing processes and has invested heavily in alternatives with low environmental impact.

Carbon Footprint
With global warming now acknowledged to be a serious threat to our planet, and future generations, Marler Haley is working hard to measure and reduce carbon emissions. Consultation with the Carbon Trust has been initiated and internal reviews and improvements are underway.

The Team
Andrew Pocock
Feeling slightly outnumbered with team of women, Andrew is our Sales and Marketing Director. Steering the ship, pushing the buttons and other ‘in charge’ metaphors, he keeps us all motivated and charged up to make Marler Haley the best display company ever!!
Heather Findon
Looking after our team and customers, Heather is our Business Development Manager. Welcoming your feedback and comments, Heather loves to hear about our service and anything we can do to improve the Marler Haley experience. Her dog Rosie on the other hand just welcomes any Bonio biscuits you may have.
Lowri Briggs
Lowri looks after our customers in London, East Anglia and the Midlands. Straight talking (even when speaking one of her many languages), Lowri also ensures our international customers catered for. Joining the P3 Group at the start of the millennium, Lowri is one of our most experienced people at Marler Haley.
Janet Abott
No one puts Janet in the corner...that’s just where her desk is! She takes care of all our customers in the South West, Wales, Scotland and the North as well as the North West. With a scarily precise eye for detail, nothing gets past Janet, so your artwork and graphics are in safe hands.
Laura Hart
What would we do without Laura Hart?! She’s responsible for processing our customer orders, ensuring you get the right product at the right time. Partial to a sing-song, the office is rarely quiet and Laura even takes requests! Mine’s milk, one sugar please!