Jeremy Higgins founded Maroon Colored PR in 2002. Prior to working in public relations, Jeremy was an attorney, representing clients in the media and entertainment industries. His lifelong love of media eventually got him to quit the law and focus on his love of entertainment and content production. At first, he gravitated towards producing, and served as executive producer, consulting producer, associate producer, assistant producer, and creative consultant on projects ranging from critically-acclaimed short films, to Web shorts, to feature films. Finally, in 2011, Jeremy crossed over into PR, marketing, and digital strategy for brands full-time. Since that time, he has represented a number of celebrities, including comedians, actors, satirists, parodists, and Internet pranksters and hoaxers.

In 2016, he met and befriended Paul Horner, the so-called 'King of Fake News.' Horner had been working as an Internet hoaxer, satirist, and parodist for several years. Horner wrote and published dozens of fake news articles throughout the 2016 presidential election, many of which went viral on Facebook. In the aftermath of the election, Horner was interviewed by several journalists, widely quoted as saying that he was sorry for what had happened, because, as he put it: "I think Trump is in the White House because of me."

Maroon Colored PR was able to garner coverage for Horner in The Washington Post, Rolling Stone, Inside Edition, NBC News, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, and dozens more.

Then, in early December, Horner came to Jeremy with a shocking confession. He claimed that at some point in mid-2016, he agreed to serve as a 'creative consultant' to the Trump campaign, at the behest of none other than Steve Bannon. He claimed that the campaign paid him to write and spread "fake news" on Facebook. Maroon Colored PR worked with Horner to craft a formal, yet personal statement, which was published online at Horner's official website: www.PaulHorner.com. The statement was slightly updated and amended for clarity and accuracy on December 13th.

Finally, on Monday, December 19th, the same day as the Electoral College was voting, Maroon Colored PR issued the press release that shocked the world: 'KING OF FAKE NEWS' TO ELECTORAL COLLEGE: "TRUMP PAID ME"

An exclusive, long form interview was published that same day by the unofficial 'Ersatz Edition' of FoxNews247. The story shocked the world and led millions of readers around the world to confirm what they already knew: that the President-Elect is a gigantic liar. He himself is a hoax. As Horner put it: "The problem is not fake news; the problem is that the news is fake."

In the interview with FoxNews247, Horner was quoted as saying: "Trump is the biggest hoaxer on earth. So, the way I see it, I am simply the hoaxer hoaxing the hoaxer hoaxing the hoaxer, who is hoaxing the world. Good luck unpacking that!"