Based on my many years as a single parent of 4 and stellar college/graduate student I offer...through a variety of different programs...what I've learned about Home Time Management. Weekly or Bi-Monthly Coaching programs help clients identify the baby steps they need to take on the way to creating the life of their dreams with respect to areas such as menus/cooking and cleaning/laundry so that more time can be spent on family, friends, and self. An 11 week program and a home study course deal with the above elements without the coaching aspect. Additionally, mini courses focus on Time Management in the Home (6 weeks) OR Time Management and Relationships (7 weeks). Finally, 8 single courses deal with the above areas one at a time.
These programs were created based on my experiences as a full-time employed single parent of 4 and/or my many years as a part-time employed full-time college or graduate student.