For years we have visited candle stores, farmer markets and the like...stopping at every container and just smelling. Maybe you are like us, looking at a candle and thinking the container the candle was in was just a little boring, maybe the fragrance was a little off for your tastes…maybe you just did't like the color! Whatever the reason, you just weren’t moved to the point of purchasing, or maybe you bought one just because you felt there wasn’t a better alternative.

This is how we felt and this was the driving force in our decision to start FireFly Mason Jar Candle Co. We wanted the complete package…a great smelling candle in an fun container with a styling that just felt right in our home.

We strive every day to make candles that embody this philosophy. At FireFly, we start with YOU. You simply pick your candle scent, size and color and we handle the rest.

We use glass Mason Jars, giving the candle a rustic elegance that we’re sure you will be drawn to. Our candles are available in many colors to match any decor and personal style.

Next, we install an eco friendly cotton and paper wick that is self-trimming which results in minimized mushrooming, soot, and smoke. Lastly, we use our all-natural soy wax blend with carefully selected, premium quality fragrance oils and hand pour your candle.

We choose to use all-natural soy wax blend because it burns cleaner and holds more fragrance for a longer period of time. Using soy wax also supports US farmers.

Our 16 ounce candles have been known to last 90 – 100 hours with amazing scent throw from start to finish. So we ask you…why settle. Indulge yourself with a FireFly Mason Jar Candle today!