Master DJs was founded in October of 1999 as a professional disc jockey service.  It all started with an urgent situation – there was no DJ available for the high school dance. Tony Schmitz recognized the opportunity and began his career as a disc jockey.  The event was a tremendous success.

Shortly after, Master DJs expanded services to include wedding receptions, reunions, anniversaries, corporate events and many other special events.  Master DJs started specializing in wedding receptions, and their reputation grew quickly. “From the beginning, we learned how important it was to concentrate on quality before quantity,” shares Tony.  ”We knew early on that our business came first and foremost from the recommendations of those who attended our events, and each event we DJ is important to us as well as to our clients.”

Master DJs is very selective – both in the events they choose to do and who they choose to hire.  Master DJs only hires the right individuals and trains them properly to become the best DJs in the area. Since experience is a guiding principle, the company regularly rotates and combines DJs at events so they can share their own experiences with each other.

New DJs spend time as an apprentice with the experienced DJs so they can learn directly from the people who already make Master DJs the best in Omaha. Our performers are entertaining at events almost every weekend, making them the most experienced for getting the crowd moving and excited. All of the DJs have their own fun and friendly personality that they impart during events.

As time goes by and the company continues to grow, Master DJs continues to fall back on concentrating on quality before quantity.

Today, there are several businesses that use Master DJs on an exclusive basis and regularly provide referrals. These businesses feel confident that when they recommend Master DJs to their customers, they know that they will both provide a great service and will maintain their reputation. They know Master DJs has a history of success and trust their experience and professionalism.