MathKplus is a website designed for children to practice and self test their arithmetic skills: number counting, addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication.  When does Math K-Plus become useful?  The answer to this question is two parts: math practice and math testing.

Math practice: students must learn how to solve different forms of arithmetic problems both accurately and consistently. MathKplus monitors students progress during practice and identify when a mistake is made.  Math K-Plus will show the complete correct numerical solution with an explanation setting the student on the correct path.

There are two forms of math testing: (1) math test, and (2) math quiz.
1. Math test: this is a surprise test.  The test results are not saved.
2. Math quiz:  the goal of this test is to measure student’s progress over a period of time; this is accomplished by saving test results. All results for a given test can be reviewed at anytime.